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NetClick does wonders with Big Data

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There is a huge volume of data circulating in cyberspace, trillions of minutes of emails, videos, and other information that can power development and can definitely be game changers in business if organized efficiently. And this is what NetClick tries to achieve.

In business, the ones that listen to what the numbers say are the ones that will prevail, survive and dominate. Competition in business is cutthroat, so to survive, study the numbers. For instance, searches made in search engines predict the kind of products that people of all ages use and like. That is why many advertisers invest in Google. And nowadays, another game changer is Facebook, where checking the box Like means so much for advertisers. It is no wonder that the word Google has made it to the dictionary because it has changed a lot in the world of business.

In forecasting real estate economic trends, queries made in Google Search are more reliable sources of how home sales are doing in a given period than the predictions made by economists. Taking note of the importance of these trends, the Federal Reserve employed the National Bureau of Economic Research in launching the workshop entitled "Opportunities in Big Data" to study its opportunities for business and economy. In the economic field, decisions will be made based on scientific data provided by the numbers rather than on hunches and feelings.

Data from social-networking engines can also indicate group inclinations and is a big help in finding jobs. It can also help in analyzing actions of large sections of the population in many locations.

It is not only in business that numbers matter a lot. In the field of astronomy, we are discovering planets with earth like qualities because of the numbers that supercomputers can generate. And maybe, just maybe, the search for extraterrestrials can yield positive results.

In the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals, we are getting closer and closer to finding a cure for cancer and AIDS, thanks to scientific data being fed in computers that analyze and organize big data. In the field of health, data shows that searches in topics like "flu symptoms" and "flu treatments" increase a few weeks before there is a rise in flu cases and admissions increase in medical centers.

The progress in the advancement of technology and researches in artificial intelligence can benefit so much from the volume of information that is being generated. Conclusions from studies that will generally take decades to make can now be significantly shortened to say, a few hours.

As analysts say, Data is the new wealth, the new oil. To say that knowledge is power is an understatement. That is why Google and Facebook are such game changers because they have data streaming in from all types of searches and likes. Even the FBI wants to get their hands on Google and Facebook data for criminal investigations, surveillance and the like.

And the good news is, the reports generated by crunching data from these data sources can be understood and absorbed by ordinary citizens. Gone are the days when only scientists and mathematicians understood the numbers. But these numbers, if put into the wrong hands can be detrimental to growth. It will be used to manipulate public opinion and deceive populations. That is why it is also important to read and analyze between the numbers. With numbers comes knowledge, with knowledge comes power, but with power comes responsibility. And this is what NetClick strictly adheres to.