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The Outsourcing Era: Alive, Dynamic and A Necessity To Business Start-ups

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According to the article Why Are We So Afraid Of Outsourcing Technology? in Forbes magazine, the trend on various companies acquiring outsourcing solutions to resolve problems in business processes is still on the rise and is still giving emerging businesses its integral global edge that many years ago would not have been even imaginable. Lowering overhead costs, increasing profit growth and conducting a business as fluid and strategic as your objectives are modern initiatives that have been always credited to the rise of technological advancements in how the nature of the internet and digital media functions. Because of that, we now live in a generation where outsourcing and offshoring is done because it saves a company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Although there hasn’t been a great rise in infrastructure, the article seems to suggest, in the government schools and institutions that generate an informed intelligent labor force, many potential employees are still taking advantage of up-to-date trends and innovation solely because in just a few clicks away, they can now learn how to program like a master because Mark Zuckerberg himself is the one who heads a website that advocates educating people the right programming language. People get direct source to the information they need right now, and that’s only possible because of recent technology improvement in how data is stored in the cloud and how data transfer is made more faster across the globe. In such nature, your competition becomes not just the next city, but the untapped talent of countries hundred miles away from your office.

“Many crafts require knowledge to be passed on from generation to generation, but for startups everything is changing particularly rapidly — technological progress in the last fives years has been unsurpassed as we see with rising company valuations and recent IPOs. The sky truly is the limit..” said Ellie Cachette, the advisor of Koombea, a tech innovation group.

No less than NetClick takes advantage of such fast-paced nature of the technology environment today. We understand the high-level potential of business who try to implement outsourcing decisions, and we always figure out the best solutions to your business with the help of these advancements. We don’t just make our organization's mission, vision and objectives for nothing. We make such promise because we know we can develop your business brand while utilizing outsourcing strategies, which include situation analysis, self-evaluation and competitor analysis: both internal and external; both micro-environmental and macro-environmental. Besides, all we do go nowhere beyond matching your short-term goals to make the long-term vision more fulfilling to realize.

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